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How to make a kanban sales funnel in Hubspot

I tried many CRM and ERP systems for my small business, and finally chose Hubspot. I like it’s ability to build kanban sales pipelines and have huge volume of contacts with unlimited storage time (in comparison – Bitrix deleted my account after 1 month of  inactivity).

A free account allows to store 1mln contacts. The Outlook integration plugin saves smoothly all emails into CRM – brilliant functionality to save time for a small startup!

Here I explain how to make kanban sales CRM functionality in Hubspot

STEP 1: adjust contacts’ profile

So first we manage contact’s profile and list the fields.

I was interested add fields that I need (i.e. company name, phone number, city etc and also my own fields).

  1. Upper right corner Gear icon (settings);
  2. On a left choose Objects – Contacts & Companies;
  3. “contacts” sheet – set the properties your team sees on contact records – go to properties;
  4. Here on the left find “contact information” and put the flags where you need and save;

If you need to create a custom field for your client profile, go to:

  • Gear;
  • Left hand “properties” – create a property
  •       Choose object type (contact) and group (contact information), some label (which is exactly the name of your field);
  •       In a next window make how it looks – in my example I made a dropdown called “level of interest” that is consisting on three options.

STEP 2: create a pipeline (kanban board)

Than you need finally create a quick kanban sales board (pipeline). It is in Sales – Deals section.

How to customize lists for kanban titles (in our case lists are sales stages):

  • Gear;
  • Objects – deals;
  • Choose a pipeline from dropdown and in “configure” sheet set a list of stages (i.e. appointment scheduled, price sent, deal accepted etc).

9-10 stages of your sales or lead gen process is pretty enough. In a win probability choose a % of success for each stage. Looks nice!

Now, you can create deals in each contact profile, they will appear in “deals” and you move them between lists depending on their progress.