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marketing mix

Define a marketing strategy

You don’t know what to do? No probs, we’ll
suggest! This is not a monkey business. Let us test
new niches and identify your future markets. We
think instead of you: get a new plan to achieve
results. Make the right sales decisions from the
very beginning: save your time and budget.

buisness strategy

Fast campaign launch

Don’t delay your growth for the future. Obtain
new meetings and sales calls right as we start. We
improve your company and deliver your offers
very fast

b2b marketing

Wider sales expertise

We love our job and provide service to companies
with different stories. Our multi industry case
studies ensure broad outlook for your business.
We utilize own growth hacking strategies in B2B
and B2C, including: LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube,
PPC, SEO, affiliated marketing, content creation
and publishing

Best Agency

GDPR compliance, European mentality

All our strategies are GDPR compliant. No spammy
campaigns or tricky strategies. We cover US
working day till 4 pm (all time zones) and full
working day in Europe and the UK.

social media marketing


we search your clients at our end individual
prospecting database.

  • No annoying cold calls – call centers are dead;
  • Creation of killing content and publishing in a highly converted online places;
  • We hunt at social networks and chat apps;
  • PPC, landing pages, dedicated traffic sources;
  • Careful email marketing;

We use 1000 little things to get leads for your business.Our approach was tested on dozens of companies at:

software engineering, SaaS platforms, consultancy services, blockchain apps, wholesale trade, international events


google adwords

Social Networks:

sharp messages and friendly approach to make a first touch. 10yrs experience in online chats.

buisness model generation

UTP (unique trade proposal) correction

copywriting, texts, photos, images, blog posts to make your company attractive to target audience;


Content promotion:

We create content, promote or publish via own list
of facebook/telegram group owners and online
media admins. We can help create and promote
your own media communities

landing page


Couple of days for a landing page + one day for
a traffic campaign = you are moving fast to your
goals! We work with LinkedIn, Facebook, Adwords,
Youtube and private advertising networks

What Clients Say?

  • We took Andrew’s agency service to expand our sales among SEO firms, and got a quick and reliable
    result. Unexpected bonus of their business developmet activities was a free marketing research through
    client’s feedback, that we actually received

    David Dovman, AddSource.com, Israel
  • “Andrew’s new age sales approach delivers more than anyone can really hope to get.. If you trully ready to expand your mind and master a Big Picture – Andrew is a guy to learn from”

    Boris Shor, Founding Partner at Quantum Investment Group & Associates
  • Andrew’s team help us to arrange sales meeting in the USA

    Serhiy Kulieshov, Uplanet.biz, Bulgaria
  • Lead generation here works well. Try their service if you succeed to be among their clients

    Vladimir Sobolev, CEO at Dstudio Soft
  • GrowSpire Agency and their founder Andrew Kass apply proven strategies in IT sales and marketing. We recommend them as a good supplier of marketing services in B2

    Alex Sokolov, COO at BeeJee Ninjas