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Tantra - SPA supplier from Eastern Europe

A wellness communication concept

Oriental roots and expertise

In the project we appealed to Indian trail, to reveal the rich tradition of ancient Ayurveda (used in SPA centers) and mental health practices given by spiritual knowledge. 

ClientCosmetics producer from Eastern Europe
Project Date2018
design systems

Tantra is a Hinduism tradition of enlighteтment with the end-purpose of developing personality, feeling joy of life and finding the best path for a human being.

We underlined oriental roots and expertise of the manufacturer, eco-style. The brand gives impression of exotic, tasteful, vibrant life of Asia, luxury (by black and gold), aura associations in logo appeals to spiritual and healthy

Live healthy life, express yourself, be curious, feel harmony of body and soul

business cards
tantra product design

Sustainability - a modern trend

Sustainable. Eco. Comfort. All these thoughts will inspire end client to feel authentic world of heeling and recreation, underline deep tradition, company experience and give confidence in high-end quality of the service.

design system concept
web design
sketches and rapid prototyping

Chacras architecture

Sahasrara (Sanskrit: सहस्रार) has over 300 petals, called a crown chacra – the top of human development, a lotus flower with unreachable heights. The majority of people will never touch most of the petals, each one connected to some part of our life, as communication with God, or accessing your past lives. 

..But you can always buy a Tantra series to touch the universe

light design

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