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Revolutionizing the Restaurant Scene

A QRlink B2B Project Journey

In our quest to shake up the restaurant and hospitality industry with QR code-driven menus, we embarked on a mission to validate client’s product-market fit. Although the software was 70% ready, the company hadn’t reached out to potential customers during the development phase.

Project Detail

Cue the adventure! We connected with over 120 restaurants across 14 countries, aiming to understand their world without the client’s product.

Throughout the project, we made a whopping 184 touches using outbound channels like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and yes, even cold calls.

Project Date2023

Social Infrastructure and Content

Our client had zero social accounts for this venture, so we rolled up our sleeves, built them from scratch and warmed up for the safe outreach. Of course, a few bumps along the way—some accounts got banned, but that’s the name of the game.

The star of the show?

Our Facebook profile, boasting 751 followers and 120 friends, and the corporate page with a whopping 4597 post reach.

Post this adventure, we left the team equipped with a solid strategy and robust social accounts (hello, Instagram and Facebook) for their future outreach endeavors.

751 Facebook follower

120 Facebook friends

4597 post reach

Content and memes

Intense enrichment with content had a plan to build trust with the users and let them see that our profiles are serious and trustworthy. A few pieces of content – memes, including analytics article were used for a paid PPC boost

Hey, what's next on your business radar?

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Hey, what's next on your business radar?

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