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Best companies and projects, selected by Andrew Kass

Hey, you appeared on this page because you saw several visits from my website (growspire.agency) to your website

In your Google Analytics

Here, on this page I list companies I like in terms of product or concept. Mostly they were found via LinkedIn or internet search.
Your company were selected among hundred of others to be located on this page.

I would love to work with your company as a marketing services provider  
But how to say you about it, if I do not know you? =)


This page is a way to start our first communication, demonstrate my skills and tell you a word about my agency.

I mostly provide growth and lead generation strategies to technology firms in the West, make content, help with webinars
but the typical problem is to break through the noise. So I do it here,

Via Google Analytics, that you use and check daily

This method is a lifehack allowing us to e-meet at the first time, so you visit my website and read about agency (download PDF)
But I have many other lifehacks and tactics in outbound and inbound channels, suitable to relaunch and grow YOUR projects.
If you like this idea, say me hello at LinkedIn

P.S. I recommend this page to other people – my audience, so they can have a look on these companies and maybe find something interesting. I also encourage you to have a look on the list below. Being in this list is a great advantage: you receive a free SEO link from me, and a free traffic from my users. If you wish to delete or change your info please write me to skype.

List of industry leaders, great teams and perspektive projects:

Invisible Systems: Enabling data-driven decisions through secure IOT solutions for energy reduction, operational efficiency and compliance.

Let’s solve IT! The best IT solutions: software engineerging, software testing, cloud services and staff augumentation.

Webio improves liquidity by making difficult customer conversations easy

150birds – Your trusted, on-demand marketing team

Adifo Software- Since its establishment in 1974, the company specialised in software solutions for the international nutrition industry.

Sweethaven Computers Limited is an award-winning, forward thinking managed IT service provider for businesses and schools.

The Data Crew is a Data Consultancy & Data Technology company

The Redshank Group provides a first class service in the supply of print and IT peripherals to UK businesses.

Kaleida International – B2B Marketplace for Public and Private Sector Tenders

UnifAI Technology’s mission is to simplify Artificial Intelligence for real world applications

Systematics International Ltd provides a range of global statistical reports to worldwide manufacturing industries since the early 1970s.

#1 vegan food search Chrome plugin

KawanSoft – We specialize in Swing, Java EE and client-server developments.

Solving small businesses security problems in the UK

bPol: Your Digital Transformation Partner

Directive Communication International (Asia) is a Global Leadership Development and Organizational Culture Change Management Solution provider

BroadMind: digital transformation in provate or public cloud

Notion Edge: SAP partner specialising in the C/4 HANA product suite

GeekForce is a software development company

Zenitech: a global advisory, technology and professional services company with a focus on thought leadership and innovation.

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