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Is WeLoveNoCode (WLNC) a scam? – unfortunately, yes

Brief summary: Nikita Shevchenko, the owner of WeLoveNoCode (also called WLNC) hired me on Feb-Mar 2021 in Upwork to work as subcontractor for his agency and did not pay me for the last week of work.

Notwithstanding the fact that the debt amount was relatively small, I was surprised by impudence, self-confidence and explicity of their approach. 

I wish to warn the community to avoid WLNC, no matter if you are a client or a subcontractor.

Read full story with proofs and screenshots here: read story

This article was created to warn the community and prevent my clients and partners from loosing time and money through any sort of cooperation with mentioned company. I also did all reasonable attempts to resolve this situation in a positive and friendly manner, before writing this article.