Work Hours: Mon - Fri 11:00-22:00 EET

Custom Business Development

For Information Technology Services and Products

 Business development for software engineering teams, SaaS platforms, Blockchain ICOs (strict selection of clients).

Just to mention a few clients we served successfuly:

1. Uplanet (software engineering team). Country: Bulgaria. Website: uplanet.biz

2. ReactPoland (Blockchain ICO). Country: Poland. Website: reactpoland.com 

3. BeeJee Ninjas (software engineering team). Country: Ukraine. Website: beejee.org

4. MetaData (SaaS platform). Country: USA. Website: metadata.io

5. AddSource (SaaS platform). Country: Israel. Website: addsource.com 

Fast Results:

  • 10-20 leads per month gives approximately 1 contract in each 2 months;
  • Understanding of your processes, company needs, technologies;
  • Improvement of your marketing positioning based on our own unique experience;