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Lead Generation: get a flow of sales conversations

For Information Technology Services and Products


  • Get new leads and dozens of sales conversations.
  • Deliver your offer to many companies;
  • Test new niches and business ideas;
  • Only GDPR compliant methods – no risk;
  • Fast project launch;
  • Flexibility: you can order the service on part time or full time;


We use variety of sales/marketing channels. The mix of channels may suit any business:

  • Direct messaging. We use LinkedIn automation software to reach high number of invitations + communication via specific business networks (where people respond with high conversion).
  • Pay-per-click traffic: adwords, facebook, remarketing; Landing page + targeted ads – have web constructor for fast launch;
  • Content.We publish articles that you will write across the web (have a good subcontractor with many blogs available at descent cost). In some cases, the articles can be produced at our end.
  • Warm calls: for some clients we cover calling to validate prospects (only warm leads);
  • Chats.We use chats (Whatsapp, Skype) to reach specific decision makers and facilitate communication in a GDPR compliant way.
  • Your website. Increase of prospecting from your website and existing traffic: by installing remarketing and chatbots.

We do not disclose the process fully, as it is our commercial value.


In simple words, each successful business development, marketing or sales strategy can be described as a “Formula”. The formula answers on questions: “what to do” + “how to do”, and is strictly connected to time frame and current online environment.

Example: Sending 100 messages via LinkedIn groups gave 7-10 conversations when selling digital services in years 2009-2010. It was a formula, which we applied to reach buyers of digital services; Later, the strategy was ruined by LinkedIn: the platform limited functionality of groups. This is why, each formula does not live long.

Formulas may contain the digital channel where specific target audience live. For example, if you want to reach house owners that buy roof cleaning service – you use Adwords with tight geographic targeting (so they get ads on mobile phones and computers). If you sell timber woods – you call to companies by land line– they are not online addicts.

The formula of selling wholesale chicken eggs to supermarkets is not the same as formula of selling industrial inspection service with drones. However, both businesses are in B2B segment. So, you might think that if you hire a successful B2B sales manager, he or she will fill your pipeline. But let us clarify: he or she will succeed, only when knowing a formula, suitable for your business.

This is why marketing of new products may require time.Someone should pay for experiments, to find the formula.

The tricky thing is that all formulas and strategies constantly die. Even if you found a right strategy for now, something will change and break your strategy in around half a year.

Example: GDPR law killed email campaigns.

Growspire Agency constantly monitors digital channels and find the strategies that work right today.

We also have deep experience in various business models: export, knowledge, services, IT/SaaS, raw materials, blockchain etc. So there are a variety of strategies and formulas that might suite your business model.


  • Dedicated service: deep plunge into your business – we work with limited set of clients all the time.
  • Flexibility: hire for part time, full time or from time to time (for a high season);
  • Variety of marketing tools, methods and digital fields we can cover: B2B and B2C;
  • Ready made formulas for different industries;